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Climate solutions Switzerland (CSS) is a not-or profit association that supports SDG- human health- and nature- positive economic and environmental action to achieve “Drawdown”, the point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stops increasing and starts to decrease. 


The Association supports the “Swiss Climate Action Project” whose goal is to identify and support the implementation of science-based solutions to global warming in Switzerland.


Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive climate plan to reverse global warming. It was published in 2017 thanks to experts and scientists who analyzed all the climate solutions at the global level. Out of 100 solutions, 80 are already applicable. They include girls’ education, optimal refrigeration, geothermal energy, a plant-rich diet, etc. The proposed solutions not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also capture carbon.

Regeneration seeks to prove to humanity that solutions, actions, and initiatives to solve the climate crisis exist and can create a better world. To do this, they have created a comprehensive list of challenges and solutions and connected the necessary resources, organizations, and key players to each solution so that they can be realized.

One earth is a non-profit organization working to accelerate collective action to solve the climate crisis through groundbreaking science, media, and an innovative approach to climate philanthropy. Climate solutions already exist and show that it is possible to stay below a 1.5°C temperature rise through three pillars: a transition to 100% renewable energy, protection and restoration of half of the world’s land and oceans, and a shift to more sustainable systems.

52 Solar Panels: Love and Grief for a son and a planet

When climate solutions researcher and advocate John Moorhead-Guinea loses his eldest son Alex in a climbing accident made more likely by human-induced climate change, he is devastated. His book project on scaling up regenerative climate solutions is paused and transforms to first offer these meditations on love and grief for his son and the polluted planet we inhabit and can bring back to equilibrium.

It’s up to us to connect the dots between how we live and millions of acts of love and kindness that we can choose to make to preserve loved ones’ precious lives.”

John Moorhead